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xii                  HISTORY OF PERSIA

against Hormuz, A.D. 1507-The Persian Demand for Tribute—
The Failure of the Expedition—The Final Occupation ot Hormuz
by the Portuguese, A.D. 1515—The Beginning of English Mantwnc
Intercourse with the East—The First English Attempt to Iratie
with Persia by Sea, A.D. x6i4—The Journey ot Cnnnwk, A.n,
1616-1617—The Persian Question of the Period— UK- Spanish
Embassy to Persia, 1618-1619—The Battle of Jask, A.D. ifiao—Thv
Capture of Hormuz by an Anglo-Persian Expedition, A.n, 1622 •-*
The Dutch—The French—The Embassy of Sir Dodmore Cotton
to Shah Abbas, A,D. 1627—The Fortunes of the British,



Isfahan, the Safavi Capital —The Royal Square Tin*
Royal Mosque — The Ala Kapi—The Chehel Sutun — The
Chahar Bagh—-The Matlrasa-i-Shah Husayn-«Thc Br'uitfi' of
Allah Verdi Khan—Tiles—Pottery—Carpets—Painting— Mvtul

THE DECLINE OF THE SAFAVI DYNASTY            ,           ,           .    296

The Cause of the Decline— Shah Sari, A,H. 1038 • 105*
1642) — The Holstein Embassy, 1637 — The Uzbega— • The Cap
ture of Hamadan by the Turks, A.H. 1039 (t 630)— The Krivan
Campaign, A.H. 1045 (X^3S) — The Capture of Ba^h(ladf A.!!.
1048 (1638) — Abbas II,, A.H, to52-»io77 (1642- 1667} ~~The
Uzbeg Refugees — The First Russian Embassy to Persia, AJ>, 1664
— Sulayman, A.H. 1077-1105 (1667-1694) — The Accession of
Shah Sultan Husayn, A.H. 1105 (^694) — The Embassies of Peter
the Great, A.D. 1708 and 17x5 — The Failure in the Persian

THE GHILZAIS OF KANDAHAR    ,            ,            .            ,            .305
A Sketch of Afghanistan—Its Inhabitants—The Province of
Kandahar—The Ghilzais—The Appointment of Gurgin Khan—
Mir Vais —The Murder of Gurgin Khan and the Massacre
of the Persian Garrison, A.H. nzi (x709)-—The Consolidation of
Power by Mir Vais—His Two Victories over Persian Annie*—
Mir Abdulla, A.H, 1123-1130 (1715-17x7)^^0 Rise of the
Abdalis of Herat.